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本文摘要:互联网企业Amid an uproar over the sudden death of a Pinduoduo employee, another death - involving a deliveryman for online food delivery platform - has drawn public attention to the rights and interests of employees in internet enterpris


互联网企业Amid an uproar over the sudden death of a Pinduoduo employee, another death - involving a deliveryman for online food delivery platform - has drawn public attention to the rights and interests of employees in internet enterprises.在拼多多员工突然死亡的一场骚动中,另一起死亡事件涉及在线食品配送平台ele.me的送货员,引起了民众对互联网企业员工权益的关注。With the rapid development of the internet sector, the working conditions of front-line staff have become a closely watched issue, along with the trend of unsustainable development, said analysts.分析师说,随着互联网行业的快速生长,一线员工的事情条件以及不行连续生长的趋势已成为备受关注的问题。A 43-year-old rider surnamed Han died on December 21 while delivering food. on Wednesday told Han's family that he had no connection with the platform, but the platform was willing to provide 2,000 yuan ($309.5) to his family out of compassion, media reported.一名姓韩的43岁骑手在运送食物时于12月21日死亡。据媒体报道,Ele.me周三告诉Han的家人,他与该平台没有任何联系,但该平台出于同情心愿意向其家人提供2,000元人民币(309.5美元)。

Han reportedly worked for Fengniao, a sub-brand of delivery services under In its user agreement, it noted that registrant riders do not have any form of labor relationship with the company, according to media reports.据报道,Han在ele.me下的交付服务子品牌Fengniao事情。据媒体报道,它在用户协议中指出,注册车手与公司没有任何形式的劳资关系。"Such a case is an illness of the platform economy. This form of service has been in trouble for two or three years, resulting from the choice of platforms to outsource delivery services. Riders don't have a direct employment relationship with platforms, which is intended to reduce the employment cost of enterprises, and to reduce labor disputes," Fang Chaoqiang, a lawyer at the Beijing Yingke Law Firm, told the Global Times on Thursday.“这种情况是平台经济的祸患。


"Like any other fast ascendant industry, it has the nature to go after profit, which to some extent leads to the abuse of privacy and unfair competition. The development of Chinese internet companies should comply with national laws and regulations, and efficiency should not be at the cost of social fairness," Zhang Yi, CEO of Shenzhen-based iiMedia Research, told the Global Times on Thursday.“与其他快速崛起的行业一样,它具有追逐利润的性质,这在一定水平上导致了隐私的滥用和不正当竞争。中国互联网公司的生长应遵守国家执法法例,效率不宜过高。以牺牲社会公正为价格,”总部位于深圳的iiMedia Research首席执行官张毅周四对《举世时报》表现。


Instead of investing a lot in basic technology, some Chinese internet companies hunger after quick success and instant profit. Making fast money in gaming, finance and entertainment, and the lack of basic research, make them vulnerable to a possible crackdown on new technologies in the future, CEO Zhang said.一些中国互联网公司没有在基础技术上投入大量资金,反而盼望快速获得乐成并立刻赢利。首席执行官张说,在游戏,金融和娱乐领域赚钱很快,而且缺乏基础研究,这使他们很容易受到未来可能对新技术的攻击。"Chinese internet companies should think beyond making quick money. A healthy corporate culture and building of social responsibility are essential for long-term growth," he added.他增补说:“中国的互联网公司应该思量的不仅仅是赚钱。


康健的企业文化和建设社会责任感对于恒久增长至关重要。”Zhang Xiaorong, director of the Beijing-based Cutting-Edge Technology Research Institute, said that the internet industry as a whole should reflect on this unsustainable development model.北京尖端技术研究所所长张晓荣说,整个互联网行业应该反思这种不行连续的生长模式。Wang Peng, an assistant professor at the Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence at the Renmin University of China, said that the cases of and Pinduoduo showed that some internet companies are regressing. The industry was supposed to be a technology-driven one, but it has become labor-intensive.中国人民大学高陵人工智能学院助理教授王鹏说,ele.me和拼多多的案例讲明,一些互联网公司正在倒退。

该行业原本是技术驱动的行业,可是它已经成为劳动麋集型行业。"The internet industry has only developed in China for about 20 years. Benefiting from the rapid development of networks, intelligent terminals and a huge population, China has a large number of incremental markets, leading to brutal growth of internet companies." said Wang.“互联网工业仅在中国生长了约莫20年。

得益于网络,智能终端的迅速生长以及庞大的人口,中国拥有大量的增量市场,从而导致互联网公司的残酷增长。” 王说。He noted that China's regulatory and legal environment should keep pace with the development of the internet. Since 2019, the regulatory environment has changed a lot. Good companies are able to adapt to the changes, which is a sorting-out process.他指出,中国的法例和执法情况应与互联网的生长保持同步。